Vancouver Island Sign Posts and Accessories

  • Rental

  • Installation

  • Custom Manufacturing


Ready to simplify your business?

Let us handle your sign post installations and removals so that you can focus on what you do best!



1. We place

Call, text, email, or go to our order page now. We will get to work as soon as possible on installing your sign. Our typical turn around time is within 24 hours. (Custom orders may take just a little bit longer for us to produce). We will snap a photo of the completed job and text or email it to you as confirmation of delivery.

2. You sell

You do your thing and then call, text, or email us when you want your sign removed. In the meantime, we can further assist by placing a "SOLD" rider on it for you.

3. We pull

We will remove the post and sign and offer free storage until the next installation.